Matchmaker App

Designing a powerful social platform for people in the digital marketing field.



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Matchmaker is an application to help find people to do marketing services online.


Lead Product Designer | Sprinklr
Branding, Product Thinking, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping & testing

Team: 1 Designer, 1 PO

Set - 2018

Project Overview

The project's purpose is to develop a good experience for the users to get a good match with professionals in the Marketing Field, for them to exchange services and knowledge.

User Research

It was online research that was planned and sent to users of the marketing field, the questionary was directly focused to get me to understand the users' pool and the experiences in searching and selling services.

I started to organize the answers in groups to help me get a view for when we got to develop a better understanding of who are the users.

After gathering the answers, I discovered two archetypes, like that, being able to highlight their necessities and the problematic points.


I created a StoryMapping to visualize all the features and application areas, selecting only the minimum to get a product that attends to the users' necessities.



With all the research process, strategy and definition, I created a friendly interface that's comprehensive to the users

Having the navigation positioned above, the user feels more situated in the application, like so being more practical to search for professionals located by session.



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