Arknoah App

Designing a social media app for Pet Lovers.




The Arknoah is an app for those who love their pets to share their favorite photos and videos, exploring their exhibitions in gallery areas, with a timeline full of relevant content for their pets.





Lead Product Designer | Sprinklr
Product Thinking, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping & testing

Team: 1 Designer, 1 Tech Lead

Nov 2018 - Fev 2019

The Challenge

The greatest challenge of this project was to create a social media that connected people from the same city with the purpose to set encounters with their pets and to look for voluntary and private services in the area.

I led the whole UX process, working directly with the CEO and the Teach Lead. I also acted as the PO on the project discovery phase.

User Research

In the first research phase, I interviewed many pet owners, veterinarians, and ONG collaborators to understand their behavior when it came to sharing photos and videos as well as searching for voluntary and private services on the web.

In the research, it was realized that the users utilized a lot the Instagram and searched for pet services in their city, on google. And also that there was a lot of empathy towards abandoned pets that suffered from cruel human actions.

We collected all the insights and organized them into behavior, ideas, and solution categories.



We developed an app based on the "Jacob's rule" because the users transfer the expectations they created around a familiar product onto a similar one. Due to this, we thought about making an app resembling Instagram, which the majority of the interviewed users were already familiar with.

The Arknoah turned out to be an app that detects the user's location to offer him services close-by and suggest new friendships. If the user has more than one pet he can tag the specific pet profile within every photo and video that's published

The users are also free to report anything related to animals in a hazardous situation and the more share, like, and comments the easier for this report to gain relevance outside the region, with the intends to grab the attention of ONGs and stronger voluntary services.


The Arknoah app gained a lot of notoriety and a great review score on the App Store and Play Store.

I'm very proud to be a part of this project because a lot of people really liked the product experience and it also helps many pets that need our help.


Let's work together

If you have a website or mobile app idea in mind or you need some advice about product design, feel free to contact me.